1 month ago

In school, communication and literature are lumped together as a single subject, English. Communication is a basic skill needed by everyone; literature is an art form and is therefore rarely used. It’s time to drop literature from the mandatory school curriculum.

2 months ago
Almost everything normalizes. Grief, wealth, love. Eventually it will all feel normal. Don’t let the feeling of ‘normal’ hide the value of what’s in front of you.

Nick Crocker

4 months ago

Helpful tip from Dave Rupert:

If you use Adobe RGB color profiles for your images, some optimizers strip out the profile leaving you with a desaturated image. The Adobe RGB profile adds ~50KB and is intended for print. Use sRGB instead.

6 months ago
This raises a question about the order of events in design. Design is a path-dependent process. That means the early moves constrain the later moves. Think about the cycle. On the very first iteration the design possibilities are wide open. The designer defines some screens and workflows and then the programmer builds those. On the next iteration, it’s not wide open anymore. The new design has to fit into the existing design, and the new code needs to fit into the existing code. Old code can be changed, but you don’t want to scrap everything. There is a pressure to keep moving with what is already there. Our early design decisions are like bets whose outcome we will have to live with iteration after iteration. Since that’s the case, there is a strong incentive to be sure about our early bets. In other words, we want to reduce uncertainty on the first iterations.

Ryan Singer

6 months ago

I was putting together some new content for the marketing pages on ooomf.com and I threw together some new styles that represent the direction we’re trying to move to for the future (we have a few cool announcements coming up!). While I was at it, I developed an OOCSS framework for making responsive pages quickly, without touching any CSS. I’ll hopefully get around to open-sourcing that at some point soon.

In a week, we restyled everything on the front-side of the site, made everything responsive, developed a new wordpress blog for our super popular science-based posts, and split our marketing styles from our app styles.

My favourite part of the redesign was the blog. It’s heavily inspired by Medium (is there any other way to make a blog now? They solved the content-first blog design so well..), but with a few nice departures. Specifically, the post page blends our beautiful Unsplash photography with the post content. Check everything out. We’ll be continually updating the front-side of the app in the future, so things will likely change.